How To Fail 101:

Of all the things I’ve learned in my convergent media studies class, nothing has been repeated so prolifically as #FEFO: Fail Early, Fail Often. Failing to create a digital artefact is as guaranteed as the eventuality of someone being offended on Tumblr, or so I’m led to believe. With that in mind, it seems the best way to ensure I get the pain of failure out of the way is to act counter-intuitively to the average student and deliberately create something guaranteed to fail. In doing this, I will either fail as expected and build upon that to create something that hopefully won’t fail (but probably will) or create something so spectacular it becomes the hottest thing on Broadway, a la Gene Wilder. As of yet, I haven’t actually thought of anything terrible enough to fit that brief, but I did come up with some actually okay ideas:

  • A cooking show for destitute students living on campus
  • A podcast that mocks literally anything. Seriously, hardcore political types, the way a duck walks, my inability to do math. Nothing is sacred to me.
  • Broadchurch memes. Because somebody has to appreciate David Tennant being grumpy and Scottish
  • Exploiting technical loopholes in the legal system to do reckless and cool looking things. This is a ‘break glass in case of emergency’ type of idea.

I suppose the only thing that I can think of that’s guaranteed to fail is just five minutes of white noise posted weekly. But even that might gain traction if some annoying twelve year old finds it. I guess I’ll have to wait and see.


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